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No One Spoke - SRSC-88.jpg
No One Spoke - SRSC

Ao vivo na Semana do Rock Catarinense (2018), por Toia Oliveira

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Videoclipe Milonga para las Reinas - Thiago

Gravação do videoclipe Milonga para las Reinas - Thiago Gonçalves e Gabriel Porto, por Toia Oliveira

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Videoclipe Milonga para las Reinas - Carla Domingues

Gravação do videoclipe de "Milonga para las Reinas" - Carla Domingues em destaque. Foto por Toia Oliveira

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No One Spoke - SRSC-88.jpg
No One Spoke - SRSC

Ao vivo na Semana do Rock Catarinense (2018), por Toia Oliveira

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In 2018 NO ONE SPOKE emerged on the brazilian musical scenario seeking a balance between elements of rock, metal, latin music and lyric vocals, sounding heavy and refined at the same time.

Gathering musicians that are frequently transiting in different music styles, like the soprano Carla Domingues, soloist in operas, concerts and recitals in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Italy, she’s one of the singers of the Rock’n Camerata, a decade successful concert of Camerata Florianópolis, and the Camerata’s first violinist Iva Giracca, who had, among others opportunities, the experience to play two times in the biggest festival Rock in Rio, with Steve Vai. Iva also did concerts with great names of brazilian music like Lenine and Zeca Balero. Complete the NO ONE SPOKE’s team André Medeiros (guitars and backing vocals), Thiago Gonçalves (keyboards), Artur Cipriani (bass) and Gabriel Porto (drums). 

Through this musical crossover, in 2019 was released the first single Sigh, recorded at The Magic Place Studios, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, by Renato Pimentel, with the former members, Marcelo Rosa (guitar) and Thiago Moser (bass). In the same record session, was produced Milonga para las Reinas, the second single and the first NO ONES SPOKE’s video, released in march of 2020, bringing to the public a powerful song about the women power, with the participation of almost 30 women of Florianópolis and region. Milonga para las Reinas has reached almost fifteen hundred views on youtube and has received many positive critics. Both singles had cover artwork signed by Fábio Araújo, brazilian artist who worked with names like Angra, Almah and Edu Falaschi. He also was the creator of the lyric video for Sigh.

Along the isolation period, between march and november of 2020, the band has recorded a collaborative track and video for a new song, Blue Way, and started the pre-production of it’s first album. Through a successful crowdfunding campaign, with almost a hundred collaborators, NO ONE SPOKE started in december the recording sessions of his debut CD, with pre-production of Gabriel Porto. After a month of work with the producer Renato Pimentel, also in The Magic Place Studio, Nine Mirrors was finished and is about to be revealed to the public. Among the nine tracks of the album it’s a inspired version for one of the most important songs of Ronnie James Dio, Rainbow in the Dark, and for that specific track NO ONE SPOKE had the honour to count with the participation of the metal legend, the bassist Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Withesnake, Quiet Riot, Randy Rhoads) and to celebrate this collaboration, was released a video with studio images. Nine Mirrors will be  available in all digital platforms and will be released also in fisic format.




Artur Cipriani

The bassist Artur Cipriani, began his studies at 13 years old. Was a member of various bands and musical projects in Santa Catarina. Nowadays is the bassist of NO ONE SPOKE and Amuro, and acts as composer and music teacher.


André Medeiros

Guitar, singer and music teacher, graduated in music by UDESC, André studied with Kiko Loureiro, Denis Warren, Dudu Pimentel and Alírio Netto. With a large experience in the musical scenario of Santa Catarina, has performed in pubs, theaters, festivals as sideman and member of various cover and autoral bands. As solo artist released the instrumental single Byown and presented several workshops. 


Carla Domingues

Soprano, Master in Music and with a doctorate in progress (UDESC), Carla is a frequent presence on the classical musical stages of Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Italy. Renowed as a crossover artist, she’s also the singer of one of the most important concerts of Camerata Florianópolis, the Rock’n Camerata, that completed a decade in 2018. In metal Carla works also with the dark metal band M26.


Gabriel Porto

Begin his drumming studies at 11 years old. Played and recorded with the bands M26, Enarmonika, Misdeed, Exception, and nowadays is the drummer of Amuro and NO ONE SPOKE. With experience in musical and video production, Gabriel also acts as musical teacher in Rafael Bastos and Camerata Florianópolis musical school.


Iva Giracca

The renowned spalla of Camerata FLorianopolis orchestra began his studies in violin with 4 years old. Graduated in violin by UFSM and actuates also with popular music, recently working with the duo Iva Giracca and Roger Correa. Iva has participated in two editions of ROCK IN RIO, playin in 2015 with Steve Vai and in 2017 with Republica band.


Thiago Gonçalves

Begin his musical studies at age of 8 and in 2008 concluded his graduation in classical piano (UDESC). Thiago was part of bands like Soul Zeppelin and Snakesun and nowadays is one of the teachers of piano and keyboard at Rafael Bastos and School of Rock, in Florianópolis.